• Equipment

            64-slice CT scanner

            it is operational 24 hours a day and requires no special preparation.

            We have a state of the art Toshiba 64 slice CT scanner which is of  world standard and available for all our patients when required.

          • Bel Team

            The medical team at Bel Medic can provide all necessary medical care for you and your family in Bel Medic 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That's what our experienced  Bel-team group of professional and hardworking people who make up our numerous medical and non medical staff.

            In Bel-team we have  more than 150 eminent Belgrade doctors including two academicians.

          • Hospital Treatment

            Bel Medic is a General Hospital and  has everything necessary for the inpatient hospital care  of children and adults, and the postoperative care when required in hospital or at home. We invite you to come and  see our facility which has a very pleasant  atmosphere with luxury hospital rooms and suites

      • All the doctors and dentists you could need at one place
    • Bel Medic general Hospital

    • We at BelMedic General Hospital provide care  for the whole family.  We have more than 150 eminent, committed doctors who provide the highest standard of care and treatment in all specialities  for children and adults.  Operating at three sites and  linked by our unique Call-center and integrated computer network, Bel Medic provides reliable and quality medical services including  examinations, the most advanced diagnostic tests and radiological examinations, surgical treatment, in patient  hospital stay and postoperative hospitalization in luxury apartments.  We also undertake  home visits and when required the  emergency transportation of our patients.

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