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Dr Predrag Todorović, ortoped



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Working Experience

1992 - on going - Hospital Institute  for Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, "Banjica",  Beograd, Serbia, Position of Senior Orthopedic Surgeon at the Department for Complete Orhopedic Trauma & Joint Surgery (including total hip/knee replacements, complete surgery of foot /ankle).

Professional Education

1992. - 1997. - Specialistic course, Orthopedic Surgery, University of Belgrade and Banjica  Hospital
1991. - 1992. - Volunteer Surgeon Assistant at Institute for Orthopedic Surgery "Banjica"
1990. - Medical Doctor Professional exam with turnus practice

International medical education and practice
2012. - Annual Specialty Day of the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, San Francisco, USA
2011. - AO Trauma European Faculty Seminar - English-German, Davos Swizerland
2011. - AO Trauma Course - Principles in Operative fracture management, faculty, Prague Czech Repulic
2011. - AO Trauma Course-Advances in the management of Foot and Ankle Surgery, Portomaso, Malta
2011. - Ao Trauma seminar-Intramedullary Osteosynthesis of the long bones Faculty, Belgrade, Serbia
2011. - AO Trauma Course Orthopedic and trauma Foot and Ankle with anatomical specimen  Ankaran, Slovenia
2010. - AO Trauma masters course, Complications and complex fractures, Davos Switzerland
2010. - Hip masterclass Primary and Revision, Viena Austria
2010. - AO Trauma faculty training, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2010. - AO Trauma course Principles in operative fracture management, Faculty, Open fractures, Belgrade Serbia  
2010. - Arthrex FOOT and Ankle Workshop, Munich, Germany
Investigator in clinical trial CS I 040202, Belgrade, Serbia
A phase II randomized, controlled, open labeled (dose blinded) dose finding study of the safety and efficacy of I - 040202 on treatment of patients with open tibial shaft fracture.
2010. - AO Trauma Principal Course in operative fracture management, Balaton, Hungary
2010. - AO Trauma Regional Course - Portomaso, Malta, Advances in Operative Fracture Management
2010. - First AO Trauma Seminar-Articular fratures, faculty, Intraarticular hip fractures, Belgrade Serbia,
2006./2007. - Investigator in clinical trial, Belgrade, Serbia
Direct factor Xa inhibitor YM150 for  prevention of venous tromboembolism in patients undergoing elective  total hip replacement. A double blind, parallel, dose finding study in comparison with open label Enoxaparin  (150 CL 008)”
2006. - AAHKS titled American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)
2006 Annual meeting, Chicago, USA
Participation in educational  activities, instructional courses, Scientific  Program and Specialty Day meeting of Hip and Knee                                  
International medical education and practice
2005. - Orthopedic Surgery RUSH University Medical Center, Chicago, USA
Total Hip and Total Knee Advanced Educational Course, Department of Orthopedic Surgery RUSH University Medical Center, Chicago, USA
Mentor: Prof. Mitchell Sheinkop
2003. - The Emergency Trauma Hospital  Lorenz Bohler, Wien, Austria   
Four weeks internship in Traumatology
Mentor: Prof.Harald Hertz
2000. - Salzburg Cornell Seminar   in Bone and Joint Surgery
2000. - 2nd.European Foot and Ankle Instructional Course , Bologna Italy
Four weeks practiced at Department for Traumatology,and Foot and Ankle Surgery. Istitutto Ortopedico RIZZOLI, Bologna Italy
Mentor: Prof. Giannini and Prof. Ceccareli
1993. - 1994. - Istittuto Ortopedico RIZZOLI, Bologna, Italy
Practiced at  following departments: Department for  Traumatology, Department for Foot and Ankle Surgery
The Bone Tumor Centre, The Spinal Centre and Pediatric Orthopedic Department.
Mentor: Professor Dr. Mario Campanacci

Professional papers

Several papers presented on courses, seminars and congresses of national Association of Orthopedic Surgeons Serbia.

Professional memberships

Association of Orthopedic Surgeons of Serbia SOTA
Serbian Trauma Association
AOTratuma Europe
AOTrauma group SERBIA