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Bel Medic Vesti

1 st South-East-European Symposium of Minimally Invasive Full-endoscopic Spine Surgery

Innovative Techniques for Indications at the Lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical Spine Scientific Lectures and Live-Surgery

Dear Colleagues,

The therapy of degenerative diseases of the spine carries with it medical and socioeconomic problems. After conservative measures are exhausted and where there  are exacerbated pain conditions or neurological deficits, a surgical  procedure may become necessary. Despite good therapy results, consecutive damage may ensue due to traumatization. It is therefore of particular importance to optimize these procedures on a continuous basis. The goal we should strive for is the minimization of surgically induced traumatization and negative long-term consequences, taking into account the existing quality standard.

Minimally invasive techniques can reduce tissue damage and its consequences. Endoscopic operations demonstrate advantages which have raised these procedures  to  the standard in various medical areas. On the lumbar spine, as a result of the development of the interlaminar and lateral transforaminal access, the spinal canal with  its adjoining structures can be reached full endoscopically.
Technical problems have been solved by special rod-lens endoscopes with a large intraendoscopic working channel and appropriate instruments. Working under a  continuous stream of liquid offers options which have proved their worth in arthroscopic surgery through long experience. In the area of the cervical spine anterior or posterior access is possible.

Today, the combination of the new surgical access routes with the technical developments makes possible a full-endoscopic methodology coupled with excellent visibility which, taking into account the indication criteria, carries with it the advantages of a truly minimally invasive procedure and is sufficient, low in complications and economic. Principal indications are disc herniations, spinal canal stenosis and intradiscal procedures such as the introduction of implants.

Full-endoscopic operations are an addition and an alternative within the overall concept of spinal surgery. Nevertheless, because  of  clear  indications  and  boundaries, open and maximally invasive procedures are necessary. These must be mastered by the spinal surgeon in order, while taking into account the respective pathology, to be able to offer the appropriate procedure as well as cope with problems and complications of full-endoscopic operations.

During the symposium with live surgery we intend, in a reciprocal exchange with yourselves, to try to demonstrate the current and future options as well as problems, risks and complications of full-endoscopic operations in the area of the spine.
Having regard to the considerable demand for national and international training courses we hope we have pinpointed your field of interest in the enclosed program and would be happy to welcome you as a participant at our symposium.

Marko Marković, MD, PhD



Friday, June 9th, 2017

  • 08:30 h    Registration of participants
  • 09:00 h    Welcome
    Dr. J. Knežević Bel Medic CEO, Dr. M. Marković, D. Goethel
  • 09:30 h    Lecture
    Full-endoscopic transforaminal surgery in lumbar disc herniations – Surgical technique and indication criterias
    Prof. Dr. C. Woiciechowsky
  • 10:00 h    Live Surgery
    The full-endoscopic transforaminal surgery on the lumbar spine
    Surgeon: Dr. G. Yörükoglu
    Moderation: Prof. Dr. C. Woiciechowsky, Dr. M. Marković
  • 11:00 h    Coffee Break
  • 11:30 h    Lecture
    The full-endoscopic interlaminar approach in lumbar disc herniations – State of the art,
    possibilities and limitations
    Dr. M. Marković
  • 11:45 h    Lecture
    Advanced Techniques in full-endoscopic spine surgery – Full-endoscopic surgeries of lumbar spinal stenosis
    Dr. S. Oezdemir, Dr. P. Hahn, Dr. M. Komp, Dr. S. Ruetten
  • 12:30 h    Lunch Break
  • 13:30 h    Live Surgery
    The full-endoscopic interlaminar surgery at the lumbar spine
    Surgeon: Dr. M. Marković
    Moderation: Dr. S. Oezdemir, Dr. G. Yörükoglu
  • 14:30 h    Indications and possibilities for full-endoscopic surgery of cervical spine
    Dr. S. Oezdemir, Dr. P. Hahn, Dr. M. Komp, Dr. S. Ruetten
  • 15:15 h    Coffee Break
  • 16:00 h    Lecture
    Endoscopic facet and SI-joint denervation – Surgical technique and benefits
    Prof. Dr. C. Woiciechowsky
  • 17:00 h    Closing



Speakers / Instructors and General Notes

Speakers / Instructors
Dr. sci. med. Marko Marković
BEL MEDIC General Hospital Belgrade, Serbia

Dr. med. Semih Oezdemir
Center for Spine Surgery and Pain Therapy
St. Anna Hospital Herne, Germany

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Woiciechowsky
Center for Spine Surgery
Vivantes Humboldt Hospital Berlin, Germany

Dr. med. Ali Güven Yörükoglu
Department of Neurosurgery
Avrasya Hospital Istanbul, Turkey

Bel Medic General Hospital
Str. Koste Jovanovića 87
Belgrade, Serbia

All lectures, presentations and discussions will be conducted in English.

Conference Location:
Hotel M Best Western
Str. Bulevar Oslobodenja 56a

Scientific Direction:
Dr. Marko Marković, MD, PhD, Neurosurgeon
Prof. Dr. Djordje Bajec, Advisor to the Director
Dr. Ivana Petrovic, Medical Director

CME Certification:
Certification for CME credit points is in course.

Organization Office:
Bel Medic General Hospital
Str. Koste Jovanovića 87
Belgrade, Serbia
+ 381 11 309 1000
+ 381 11 309 666




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