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Adenoid (adenoid vegetation) or the third tonsil is a structure that all children have at the transition of the nose into the pharynx. Adenoid is the first line of defense against microorganisms that pass through the nose into the pharynx. For some children, it can cause many problems. Inflammation of the adenoid or third tonsil is called adenoiditis. Increased adenoid (usually due to inflammation) can cause acute problems, especially for children in the first years of life (although it is rarely diagnosed before the first birthday). Inflammation of adenoid and its sudden enlargement is usually caused by a viral infection, which can be accompanied by elevated temperature and ear pain. Adenoid plays an important role in the immune response in children, but not adults, because it is a structure that retreats after the fifth or sixth year.


• The most common feeling is dry throat, nasal leakage, the presence of enlarged lymph nodes on the neck, pain in the mouth or other problems with the ear.

• When the nose is blocked, breathing is difficult. Other disorders that result from the fractured nose are mouth breathing, nasal speech, difficulty sleeping, snoring, or short-term sleep disorders (sleep apnea).


Adenoiditis is most often treated with antibiotics. When your child has frequent infections, including ear and sinus infections, when antibiotics are not effective enough or your child has breathing difficulties, surgical removal of adenoids may be required. The operative removal of the adenoid or third tonsil is called adenoidectomy. Your doctor may suggest this surgery even in cases where inflammation of the third tonsil and inflammation of the palatine endpoints in your child occur together. Removing the palatine is called tonzilectomy.


• Adenoidectomy is performed by a specialist in the treatment of ear, throat and nose diseases (otorhinolaryngologist). Most often, surgery is performed in hospital conditions in general anesthesia (this means your child will not be conscious during the operation). The third tonsil and / or palatine tonsils may be removed "through the mouth" when no additional cuts are required.

• Most patients can go home shortly after surgery. It is necessary that you and your child spend a few hours after the operation in Bel Medic in order to monitor the child's health after surgery. Your doctor will give you more detailed instructions on what to expect after surgery.


• Shortly after surgery your child may feel nausea resulting from general anesthesia. Several weeks after surgery, the following may occur:

• A feeling of dry throat and difficulty swallowing, which can last 7 to 10 days.

• The temperature may last several days after surgery. If it persists at a very high temperature (over 38.5C) and if the temperature is accompanied by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache, lethargy or stiff neck, contact your doctor at Bel Medic.

Breathing and snoring can occur as a result of throat swelling after surgery. These disorders can last 10-14 days and retreat after withdrawal of the throat. If you have any problems with breathing, seek medical help.

• Sore throat and ear may be present for several weeks after surgery.

• White spots are formed at the point where the dental extremities and adenoids are removed. This is a normal occurrence and most of these structures are waste after 10 days of surgery. Do not allow your child to touch or bite these occurences.


• After surgery, it is recommended that you feed the baby with mushy foods. It is not allowed for your child to drink or eat dairy products 24 hours after surgery. After that period, it is allowed to take ice cream, pudding or yogurt.

• Make sure your child takes enough fluids to prevent dehydration.

• It is necessary that child rests as much as possible after surgery. He can return to school or kindergarten when he begins to consume all food again, and when his pain is no longer hampered by normal functioning.

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