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Internal medicine deals with the problems and diseases of the internal organs, the branches of which are: 

  • endocrinology 
  • cardiology 
  • pulmonology
  • gastroenterology 
  • rheumatology 
  • allergology 
  • hematology
  • nephrology
  • oncology
  • nutrition hygiene and dietetics.

You do not have to wait for a specialist examination. Internal medicine specialists of various subspecialties at the Bel Medic Clinic are available to you whenever you have problems with your health, at any time of the day or night, seven days a week - at our office, at your office, or at your home. In addition, the Bel Medic Clinic offers hospitalization and inpatient treatment options.

Bel Medic Clinic's team of internists is made up of experts from various internist branches who work closely together and coordinate patient care. The necessary diagnostic procedures (laboratory tests, X-rays, ultrasound examinations...) can be done immediately, without additional appointment and waiting. The results of the required diagnosis are completed very quickly, shortening the time of making diagnosis and starting treatment. In the case of associated diseases, experts from different branches of internal medicine will organize a medical consilium, for any condition, as well as for malignant diseases.

BEL MEDIC General internal medicine

internal medicine specialist

Aleksandra Petrović


internal medicine specialist

Branko Biberdžić


Lidija Isović


internal medicine specialist - angiologist

Dr Nikola Aleksić


Dr Jovan Đerić


Dr Branko Barać

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