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Physiotherapists are now an equal part of the team of medical experts  for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in cases of  various acquired diseases and congenital deformities of adults and  children. This applies to all persons with neurological, neurosurgical,  rheumatological, orthopedic and traumatic diseases, sports and other  injuries in both children and adults. 

 An individual treatment  and rehabilitation plan is created for each patient, and it is adapted  daily to their current subjective and objective condition. Physicians of  various specialties and senior physiotherapists are in constant contact  with each other as it has been shown that the best choice of therapy is  achieved only through teamwork. 

The new standard service for  hospitalized patients at Bel Medic General Hospital is the daily (often  several times a day) early rehabilitation of immobile or impaired  patients by senior physiotherapists, with a preliminary daily physical  evaluation of their current condition. The proper and professional  recovery achieved by such a multidisciplinary approach enables patients  to successfully return to their daily activities. 

Thanks to the  state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, Bel Medic's team  of physiatrists and senior physiotherapists offers you complete service  24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at our healthcare facilities or at your  home.

BEL MEDIC Physical medicine and rehabilitation


specialist in physical medicine

Slobodan Branković


specialist in physical medicine

Dragan Milović


specialist in physical medicine

Jelena Petrović Atanacković

specialist in physical medicine

Marija Hrković


specialist in physical medicine

Branislav Katančević


specialist in physical medicine

Dragana Mrdak

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