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The first aesthetic operation was performed more than a hundred years ago, and as a branch, it deals with the correction of aesthetic defects and the beautification of the human body.

Aesthetic surgery is also part of antiageing medicine, because thanks to its capabilities, the face and body get a younger and fresher look.

Plastic surgery will make you look better, feel better, overall, improving the quality of your life. Studies have proven that there is a very strong link between plastic surgery and increased confidence.

Renowned aesthetic and plastic surgery specialists at Bel Medic General Hospital sovereignly master the increasingly sophisticated and precise techniques of surgery reconstruction, beautification and rejuvenation.

Bel Medic General Hospital has two fully equipped operating rooms for plastic and aesthetic surgery of the body (enlargement, lifting and reduction of the breast, abdominal tightening, liposuction, removal of skin tumors and treatments for burns, scars and face), as well as plastic and aesthetic face and neck surgery under local and general anesthesia, intensive care, and comfortable suites for postoperative hospitalization. Preoperative patient preparation can also be done at our hospital as a whole.

With a reputable surgical team, Bel Medic has highly experienced anesthesiologists who also postoperatively monitor the patient. After the intervention, the patient is placed in intensive care with complete monitoring, or in a suite under the constant doctor and nurse supervision.

BEL MEDIC Plastic and aesthetic surgery


plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon

Saša Mišeljić


Specialist of Children's and Plastic Surgery

Branislav Trifunović

plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist

Boban Đorđević


plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Dr Nikola Ostojić


plastic surgeon

Dr Violeta Baščarević


plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist

Maja Ginanni

specialist in plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

Bojan Stević

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