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Miroslav Granić

He can perform in Bel Medic
Outpatient examinations, surgical interventions in local anesthesia: incision and excision biopsies,  FNA biopsy with cytological analysis, breast change punctures, removal of birthmarks, lipomas,  fibromas, atheromas, benign breast cancer. In the general anesthesia: breast cancer surgery, implant inserting, lymph node biopsies,   suspicious birthmark surgical removal, melanoma excision with ex tempore  histopathological analysis, sentinel of the lymph node biopsy, surgical removal of the lymph node relevant groups, thyroid gland surgical operations.

Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Associate Professor at Surgery Department
Clinical Hospital Center „Bežanijska kosa“, Head of Oncological Surgery Department and Director of the Oncology Clinic
In Bel Medic since 2004
Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade
General Surgery Specialization Examination passed in 1992
Master of Science Work in Oncology, with the Thesis „Five Year Survival of  Breast Cancer Diseased with Negative Axilla”
Doctoral Dissertation with the topic “Breast Phyllode Tumor Surgical Treatment”  
Professional Training Abroad
European Oncology Institute, Milan, Italy, December 1997
Curie Institute, Paris, France, February 2000
Rush Hospital, Chicago, USA, March, April 2000
S. Giovanni, Gen. Hospital Rome, Italy, April 2008
93 Expert Works, in CC 4, Medline 10
Book Chapters
Special Interests
Oncological surgery, surgery of birthmarks, melanoma and other skin  and subcutaneous tissue cancers, benign and malignant breast cancer  surgery, thyroid gland surgery

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